Moreton Townhomes – Everton Park, Brisbane

A soothing haven, a private sanctuary; and in essence, the foundation for a better life, Moreton Townhomes are captivating from the moment you enter. These townhomes have been designed to flawlessly fit in with the magnificent backdrop that is Everton Park. With an exceptional landscape immersed in history and embellished by nature, this superior residential community is the home of supremacy.

The relationship we have with our home environment can impact on the rest of our lives. Fundamental studies suggest the need for a special sanctuary is not a luxury, but a deep biological human desire.

The significance of a home is to create an environment that emotionally and physically supports us; to makes us feel safe, give us security and provide a stress free environment. A home can be described as an environment we can raise a family in, or provide an opportunity for both privacy and social interaction with family and friends.

At Moreton Townhomes, we have put a lot of thought into what makes a home. With 52 townhomes offering 27×4 bedroom and 25×3 bedroom townhomes, residents will enjoy intelligent design with striking, well-considered features in every room for both practical and functional living. Each room offers residents space for families to grow complemented by magnificent finishes, timeless layouts and an overall vision of class and sophistication.

Refined natural colour palettes are used to inspire residents to add personal touches to make it a home. We believe our homes offer a neutral base that makes one proud to call a home, coupled with an opportunity where residents can spend less time on the road and more time enjoying the flourishing communal surroundings. 

Conveniently located just 7km from the Brisbane CBD and within close proximity to Chermside Shopping Centre, Brisbane’s leading universities and hospitals and its largest transport networks, Moreton Townhomes is the perfect place to live.


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