NewLife – Bondi Junction, Sydney

Every aspect of NewLife has been curated by the visionaries at MHNDU Architects, who are known for their confident, artistic expression and intimate understanding of local culture. Technical excellence can be seen in every creative flourish, carefully applied with impressive attention to detail. With a reputation for creating landmarks, their dedicated pursuit of quality and progressive design is one of a kind.

Perfectly positioned between the city and sea, between the vibrant local streets and tranquil parkland paths. NewLife is architecturally designed to give you breathtaking views, bringing the beauty of the surrounds inside. Your west-facing apartment takes in Centennial Park towards the city skyline. Looking south, you can see all the way to Botany Bay. Every detail of NewLife has been curated to take make the most of light and nature.

The building’s podium base uses traditional materials to create a continuation of the neighbouring terrace façade. Timeless yet contemporary, its clean lines are elegantly expressed within the organic curves of glass balconies.

Art is infused within every detail of the architecture, with a lightweight luminous veil protecting and defining the exterior. Green walls soften the contemporary lines from afar and bring nature into your home.

This is a building in two parts: the confident podium, the light-filled ethereal tower. It is also a building in three parts, with each floor cleverly sectioned to maximise corner apartment positioning. Enjoy captivating vistas, and fill your open living spaces with light.

With 62 apartments over 13 levels, each has its own individual character. Choose from one, two and three bedroom, and one truly unique four bedroom penthouse.

Grounded, safe and secure. Light, simple and radiant. You can have it all. NewLife breathes new life into Bondi Junction.


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