The Burcham – Rosebery, Sydney

Featuring 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments, each residence will be beautifully appointed, with touches of old world sophistication. Within the heritage building, modern finishes will blend seamlessly with the original features.

This building has ceilings up to 4m high, providing grand and voluminous spaces that set it apart. And many apartments will include smart, extra large storage, so you’ll never feel cluttered.

The Burcham has been challenging conventions since its inception. Originally built in 1918 from steel reinforced concrete, it was a modern marvel in its day.

Designed by John Burcham Clamp in a Chicago-esque architectural style, it was constructed to house the manufacture of Wrigley’s Gum. Today, the chewing gum has gone, but The Wrigley’s building is being restored and refreshed to be the centrepiece in The Burcham precinct.

The original Rosebery Estate was influenced by the 19th century Garden City Movement – where town planners combined open green spaces with developed urban areas. Rosebery had a major difference though in that it was planned as a Model Industrial Suburb.

The Garden City Movement will be brought back to life at The Burcham, with a large communal landscaped area, entitled ‘Wrigley’s Common’ occupying the heart of the development.


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