• Extensive Client Database

    With a large collective Database, Versal Property honed our database based on the strong networking and progressive sales over the years.

  • Project Marketing

    We gain the high reputation by designing sophisticated marketing strategies for projects, targeting specific group of clients through various channels like Wechat, EDM and other platforms.

  • Expert Sales Team

    With an outstanding reputation for professionalism and attention to detail, our Elite sales team will uphold it through impressive sales performances and high customers’ satisfaction.

  • Agency Network Management

    As we have established strong alliance with agencies and renowned developers, we often hone the exclusive rights as master agency for projects.

About Us

Versal Property is a leading Australian based consultation company, providing personalized boutique services in residential property. Founded in 2013, our primary goal is always enriching clients’ lives by offering selective properties in Australia’s top locations.

Our elite team are not only real estate consultants who deliver the most specialised advices on property investment, but also professional property leaders with integrity and honesty as the core of our ethos.

We always prioritise our clients’ interest and good service is never compromised. Versal Property strives to set new benchmark of professionalism, leadership and trust.

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